Hello. Willkommen. Ohayoo~. здраствуйте

Oh boi, it’s been a while.

People who remember me from the old GMT forums under 4FunTV nickname, hi again.
People who don’t remember or simply don’t know me yet, here’s an updated introduction of a “new” me.

I’ve joined GMT in 2012, I was a little middle school kid back then that couldn’t speak english well, had too much time on his hands and just screamed for attention. But here I am now.

My name’s Jacob, mostly known in the internet as Forfen or Forfensen (depends if my username was not taken). I’m a 20 year old freshman in an IT university. I’m aiming for front-end development (designing websites and writing scripts), although my biggest hobby is photo manipulating in Adobe Photoshop. Banners, wallpapers, cheeky memes and raptor Jesus pictures.

Two things that stayed with me from my middle school years is a never-ending passion for video games of all categories (except for sports games, they’re extremely boring) and anime/mangas that don’t contain insane numbers of bewbs and tittiez or some cheap school romance. Cyberpunk is my shit, Ghost in the Shell is my all-time favorite.

I’m an anti-social emo kid with existential crisis that spends days drinking and listening to band like Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit, especially the LP. I suffer from a terrible disease called “Lazyness fungus” which symptoms show an increased lackluster of life energy when I have to do something important.

I bought Tower Unite because I’ve missed the days when I could go back home from school and play some Ball Race with my friends. Now I have no friends, but I still have Ball Race and that’s important.

So yeah, that’s me. You can type a wise, comforting or a funny reply now. Yeah.


Welcome back to the tower and forums Forfen. :slight_smile:


i mean hi, welcome

Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay (and Ball Race too)!

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Nice to meet you @Forfen ! Also, who needs friends when you have Ball Race? :stuck_out_tongue:

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