Hello TU!


It is I, another person joining the great community of Tower Unite!!

Hi, I’m Dan and I’m an artist/animator and I am also heavily into game development as pass time hoping to get somewhere someday. I also live in rainy England and I play guitar. Anything to do with creative development and I’m on it!

I am very new to Tower Unite; I’ve never played GMT before and I feel kind of sad that I missed the boat on that one. Tower Unite is by far my favourite game, there is just so much you can do! It’s the best thing since sliced bread!! I’ve been playing for a couple of days now and I would really love to get involved within the community a bit more because everyone is so friendly and nice and I’d love to meet new people. I’m going to start being more active on the forums so I can get to know the peeps around this neck of the town, hopefully I’ll get on alright. Thank you to all the developers who make this game what it is and what it will be!

Add me on Discord if you want, I’ll always chat :slight_smile:

See you around!



Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!


Well welcome to tower unite, no doubt you’ll love it here for years to come, especially since they got alot of more stuff in development which you can keep an eye on here https://trello.com/b/6BwRMiPw/tower-unite-roadmap

And you might have missed the party in GmodTower but there are still veterans here from back when that probably have alot of fun stories about their time there, you can probably get one of them to share one.


Thanks for the info!


Welcome to the Tower! :smiley_cat:


Hello ! Great to see another artist and animator out here ! =D


Welcome Dan!

As someone who really wants to be a somewhat good animator myself, is there any way I could look at your animations and some of your art?

Many thanks! :upside_down:


Welcome to the forums!


Welcome! Added you on Discord. Same username as here. Hope to see you in-game :grinning:


Hello T U 2


Welcome to the tower and forums Dan. :smile_cat:

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