Hello there, Stange Figure appears

Hi, I am Dafini. Fan of Gmod, Gmod tower, and Unreal Engine 4.
I am a modder, though I tend to do small things time to time, though also able to work with development engines like Unity and Unreal, and have a lot of fun making strange, strange things, like turning everyone into Nigel Thornberry, or making goombas Explode…

I have interests in purchasing and playing Gmod Tower when that is accessible. Even past that, hoping I can help or aid the development crew and progress. I am a Technical Artist, familiar with Modeling, Rigging, as well as Shaders and Visual Scripting tools like Blueprint and the Material Editor of Unreal. Similarly used uScript and Kismet of Unity and UDK, and found a love for shaders with Strumpy Shader Editor for Unity. Distorting meshes is FUN! anyhow…

Weird fact: Did work on a game that made it to Pax prime last year, but sadly the team went our own ways after that. Was about dragons and using motion controls.

Glad to be here among the growing community, and if the team needs a hand in any way shape or form, feel free to ask.

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[quote=“Dafini, post:1, topic:2614, full:true”]
Was about dragons and using motion controls.[/quote]

Sounds like a spiritual successor to Lair. Also, welcome to the forums.

Welcome to the Pixeltail Community Forums!


Welcome, @Dafini!

Welcome Dafini!

Welcome aboard! Nice to see another person fond of Unity here! :ship:

Thankies everyone, heheh. Is a good start already.