Hello there good old chap!


Uhhh, i joined the forums like a year ago and became quite active like about a few months ago, and i just realized i never did one of these, i guess it isn’t too late to do it now am i right.

Hi my name on here is LittleLuke (on the forums), in Tower Unite, on Steam and on discord my name is Gaylien, and my name is Luke, you can call me any of the names listed there.
I play Tower Unite on and off throughout the day most days around 09:00-21:00 GMT because i live in England.
I am not shy or anything but i am sometimes am awkward but i like to talk to people (especially in Tower Unite) so feel free to say hi or stuff, yeah.
Despite what the name Gaylien may suggest i am neither Gay or an Alien, yeah pretty amazing right no one could have guessed.
I don’t take offence to anything, so you can say the most dark humored jokes to me and i wont be angry, i will love it, but the same goes backwards i am very likely to say a dark humored joke (unless it isn’t allowed) and i don’t want to upset anyone, so if i said something you didn’t like just tell me your not into that type humor and i will stop.

That’s about it i guess, i will see you guys on the forums, discord and in-game.


it’s your boy- gaylian123
coming at you with a sik minecraft giftcard giveaway intro bananza
how may i direct your call?

edit: edited to say i’m not going to edit my message
what edit
i don’t see any edits my guy: gayloid225


i saw that edit happen before my very eyes amazing


it cant get any better than an edit like that


terry what the fuck are you doing


i think he is trying to establish communication


Welcome to the forums.
Nice to see you.


gaylien9978 wanted to be taken to me because obviously i’m the leader duh


Welcome to the forums my man


No one welcomed me D:


Welcome to the place in which you are now a member of :sunglasses:

Also you too jinko




Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!


cool, hello, gay liam


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