Hello! New to the forum also am seeking advice

Hello, my name is Valiant and I am a long time player as of 2017, first time on the main site. I noticed after a zombie massacre game my exp in my collection book for everything besides zombie massacre was reset to 0. I have put quite a few hours in to grind for these milestones (close to 500 hours total). Can anyone help me out? Also feel free to add me or say hi if you see me around in game.


Welcome! Hope to see you in game, particularly your condo, I always love to see what players have made! In regards to ZM, if you were using a macro, it might have picked up on that. Otherwise it would be best making this a bug report instead.

Hello and welcome to the TU forums, your ZM could have been reset by mistake or by the use of macro witch you should never do in TU.

Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!

Iā€™d check your xp in-game again, as the backend was down earlier today, which would make it not show properly. Anyways, hope you have a good time here.

Welcome to the forums!

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