Hello! Im the loud one!


Hi! Im Taco Salad, that random kid who either yells for no reason or makes awkward/inapropiate statements!
You may know me from such things as: Telling casino goers why they should experience the game outside the casino or watching the bee movie, ass a bee. Though i may yell randomly i only do it to break the silence! “But Taco why dont you use your inside voice?” Well sometimes i do, i dont do it often due to the fact that i suck at holding coherant sentences.

We are not liable to any hearing damage cause by or influenced by “Taco Salad”. Any complaints should be mailed in through the [][][][][][][][][][][][]


hello The loud one. welcome


Welcome to the insanity please enjoy your stay.
It is good to see you here.


Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!



body is unclear notification prevention


Welcome to the tower!

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