Hello I guess?

Ya, ya I have been here in the shadows on Unite Tower as I was a GMTower player but never used the forms that often unless they are bug reports.

Hi I’m Pixel or as some people on tower call me sometimes “Pixel cat” or “Official Pixel cat”. I’m on Tower a lot now and mostly hang out in the plaza or play Ballrace, Accelerate or Minigolf.

Yes if the nick names don’t get ya I’m in fact the the one who uploaded around 15 cat models (more back logged) in different color styles, and I am in fact confirming I did not upload them as spam for workshop and do not intend it as spam when I go to re upload for updates, they are there because I’m sharing my recolors in stead of having them sit on a dying hard drive. And I do plan to upload more models that are not the same ones.


Welcome to the forums!

ha ha very funny you know me lol

rubs hands together evilly

Welcome, Friend.


Another joins the fold! Welcome!


So basically, when Planet Panic will return you’ll always play on cats team. :thinking:


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