Hello from the duck (WaddledAway)


I am a big Arcade enthusiast.
I mostly play non-competitive game and even the one that are I approach them as a casual.

Tower Unit is my second source of food the first one being Cardboard crack call Magic the gathering.

I also do Miniature painting. So any DnD or Warhammer mini.
I plan on making a condo with all the picture of the mini i have finish.

I really want to build an arcade in game if we ever get arcade cabinet and other goodies in the theme of it.
Also, I am French Canadian, so sorry for the misspell

Quick edit: Hi too all of you beautyfull people!


Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!


Welcome to the forums!


Wheel cone
(to the forums)


Whalecome to the forums :wave:


waddle waddle, till the very next day


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