Hello friends, Otterman here

Hey friends.

My name is Otterman. I played Gmod Tower since Lobby 1 in early 2012. Spent lots of time there and in Lobby 2. Bought Tower Unite a while back, but just now I was aware of forums. I’ve been following the development of Tower Unite for a long time. I didn’t have a chance to back with much money, sadly. HOWEVER I’m enjoying playing it so far, clocking in 48 hours as of this post. It’s an absolute delight to come back a two weeks later and have something new to play, especially promised features or old game modes.

A few things about myself:

  • 19 years old.
  • In Community College majoring in Computer Science.
  • Taking care of a Beta Fish named Blue.
  • Owns a Maki Nishikino fig.
  • Big fan of Metal Gear series, Yakuza series, and Persona 5. As well as many others but these are the one’s I’ve taken a like to recently.

I used to be in the Discord server quite a lot, but ended up banned (I think) somehow about a year ago. If there’s a way to know why, I’d greatly appreciate it, because I still don’t know why I was banned since I don’t remember doing any rule breaking.

Just stopping by to introduce myself and see if I can make a few new friends too!




Welcome to the forums!

Also, is your fish named Blue because it’s blue?

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Welcome, fellow programmer, to the forums!
Enjoy your stay and please don’t mind the bugs!

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Hope you’re enjoying your time in the tower! :smiley_cat:


Indeed. A brilliant deduction!

Welcome to the forums and I hope you keep enjoying your time at the tower Otterman. :slight_smile:

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Hello otter person, welcome to the forums!!!

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Welcome to the forums! :smiley:

To your question about wondering why you were banned from Discord. You could try getting in touch with one of the Devs on the forums. Or, take a look at this link below which may be more useful.

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welcome back to the tower :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forums! My first fish was a beta fish >w<

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Welcome to the tower!

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