Hello, everyone!

Hello, everyone!

I have spent almost 80 hours in Tower Unite (and counting) and have been enjoying the game for quite some time now. I have to say, the game is amazing. :black_heart:

But in a sense, I’m sort of new here, especially in the forums alone. But don’t be shy to hit me up anytime you want! I don’t bite! Lol. It would be nice to get to know a lot of people out there who enjoy this game as much as I do. Heck, maybe even play together and do anything and everything. Definitely free to play anytime you want.

I do thank the community for allowing me to express myself here in the forums and hope to gain friends from this and in the future! :blush::black_heart:


Welcome to the forums!

Happy to hear you’re enjoying Tower Unite.

Welcome!!!1! hope you enjoy your stay here! :blush:

Welcome to the forums!

Thank you a lot!

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Thank youuuu!! :3

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Welcome, where you at In the property game? You got a condo set up?

Welcome to the Tower Unite community! Awesome to have you here. If you ever have any questions about TU feel free to DM me here, on Discord, on Twitter, anywhere! :blush:



Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!


Welcome to the forums! Always happy to see some new faces around here!

If you want to get to know the community more, I’d suggest also joining the official TU Discord server so you can chat with us :slight_smile:

What have you done? These forums will change you forever!


Just kidding!:grin:

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