Hello everyone! New but old user!

Hey! Glad to see Tower Unite is still running!

A while ago, I used to play GMod Tower near-religiously. But as time went on, I fell away from it. Later, I heard that PixelTail games were making a Kickstarter for a standalone version of GMod Tower. My reaction was “Cool,” and then I kept browsing the internet. Later, I remembered the news I heard, and decided to check on the Kickstarter. I saw that it failed, and was shocked! Tower Unite sounded so cool! How could people not possibly throw their money at a screen for it?!?!

And then someone told me that the GMod Tower Servers were going to close down now that the Kickstarter failed. I was so angry and sad at the same time. So I looked around, and found all of my favorite communities for GMod tower basically dead.

And then I found this place. This place has given me hope for the future of this gamemode. Even thought pretty much everything is dead and I can’t plat GMod Tower, I can still hangout with cool people and hope for the best. I really hope that Tower Unite goes through all the way. It’s been a fun ride so far, and I hope I can get back on the train eventually.

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Yeah, atleast there is still a ton of hope for Tower Unite.

Welcome! Come jump into the TU hype train 0.1.8!

‘ALL ABOARD’ I’m ready :smiley: