Hello everyone, 3xlneet here

My username probably doesn’t ring you any bells because I didn’t play GMod Tower that much, and if I did, it was with some friends (which introduced me to it). But anyways, I’m pleased to meet you all :blush:

Some hours ago I heard about what you were doing in indiegogo and I decided to contribute. I really am looking forward to the game so we can all have fun, enjoy it, and meet eachother in funny and probably silly ways.

How’s everyone’s day been so far? Mine has been fine.

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I think I remember you from somewhere~

Pleasant surprise to see staff members of scrap.tf being here and even backing up the project!

Other than that, my day’s probably bland.

I’m a little late But Hey and Welcome!, We are always happy to see new faces in the community :blush:

i-is that nightmarity :open_mouth:

but yeah, WELCOME to the forums! :smile_cat: i can’t believe TWO higher-ups from scrap.tf are on the forums now, let alone one! :smile:

There are 3 actually :smile:

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Geez, it can’t be a coincidence I was autoscrapping duplicates while reading this topic.

Welcome to the forums!

Thank you :purple_heart:

Yeah, was using the new 1:1 weapons system - too bad it STEAM told me I wasn’t able to trade for a week, due to changing my device (which I hadn’t)

Yeah, steam can be a butt sometimes. I once had to wait a week too, but it only lasted like 3 days. Remember that if you ever need help you can check the help section or support room~

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