Hello! - Bart


Hello, my names Bart and I’ve been playing GMod Tower and Tower Unite for ages. I’ve amassed tons of hours on Garry’s Mod and I am looking forward to doing the same with Tower Unite. I’ve made some posts here before, but this is my first formal introduction (ignore my previous meme introduction)

The thing that I enjoyed most on GMod Tower was the playable piano - it was a way for me to create music for others to listen to. Likewise, I also continue to play the piano on Tower Unite.

I am a QWERTY player, not MIDI, not auto-player.
Some of you have probably seen me in your condo before, most of the time on the the piano or keyboard that you have placed down. And for those who complemented me - thanks! I appreciate it.

I’m looking forward to creating many more memories with the TU community!

I’ve made a topic in Off-Topic where I’ve linked a Discord to where people who enjoy playing TU Piano can hang. Hope you join!


Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!




Hi Bart Simpson to the forums
enjoy your stay


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