Hello all!

Hello everyone,

Figured I’d post an introduction as well. I’ve been playing GMT for a few years now on and off and I used to go around by the name ‘Lostris’.

I’ve been away for over 7 months because sadly my PC couldn’t handle the game anymore. Since that is fixed now, I’m back an active!

I really like the community aspect for GMT as well and I hope to see some familiar faces again.

Once Tower Unite will be up and running for the public I will surely buy it and getting the hang of the gameplay in GMT now will hopefully help me to assist others in TU, like I used to do.
Don’t misread me here though, I have no clue about any technical server aspects or when things are not working… xD

I hope to see a lot of you around on GMT, and else on TU in April!


Welcome to the community forums! Have a nice stay

Welcome to the PixelTail forums @Losty! Enjoy your stay :smiley:

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Welcome, what’re ya buying? - Wandering Merchant


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Welcome, Losty! Glad to see a few older players get back on GMT to celebrate TU going public soon!!

You remind me of myself back when I used to play golf all the time (at the top of the leaderboard) :yum:


dude she uses them cheat sheets. HAI LOSTY BESTIE

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