Hello again!

Hey everyone!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been here. Sorry for being so inactive for the past … 3 years … Running Tower Unite on a laptop can only get you so far, ya know? But, I have returned, and with a POWERFUL CHUKNY PC THAT I BUILT!

I guess I’ll introduce myself again by saying my name is Gunner, but many people in IRL call me Gunther and I’ve just kinda stuck with it as a code-name for gaming. I’m a whole age of 19, I’m a barista for quite a bit of my lifetime, I have a cat, I’m going to school for Business Administration, all that fun jazz.

But yeah, how is everyone? What’s everyone been up to, with this little pandemic going on? Got any more questions for me feel free to ask!



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Welcome to the forums!

Pandemic changed absolutely nothing in my lifeXD

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They call ya 9 Millimeter GUNther, cuz you’re quick on the draw to bust a cap on some fools.

Lol anyways welcome.

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