Haven't played for a year. What's changed?

Hi guys, Haven’t played for a year and a bit and i wanted to know how much has changed

(I bet the universe that 99.9% of condos are hentai still)

Anyway we got new gamemodes in development, new catsack varieties which gives you super rare stuff.
We have gotten these new tools that makes it easier to build stuff, several new maps for the gamemodes have been made, and laser tag.
And about a thousand other things you can find on the trello.

Cool! I’ll play in about an hour if even that :smiley:

Some payouts increased, Zombie Massacre seems finished.

LOTS and LOTS more

Major updates in the last year have included:

  • Underwater Condo
  • Highrise Condo
  • Laser Tag (Plaza Activity)
  • Studio Condo
  • Khromidro (Ballrace map)
  • Catsacks
  • Solar (Virus map)
  • Oasis (Ballrace map)
  • Poseidon Rollercoaster (Plaza novelty)
  • Halloween & Winter events (run yearly)
  • Plaza seasons (Summer, Autumn, Winter)
  • Movie Theater Condo
  • Condo editing tools
  • Tons of new items
  • Lots and lots of other stuff

An entirely new game world, Zombie Massacre, is about to come out as well!


Here’s a spoiler, it’s about massacring zombies.

You will die in Zombie Massacre Infinity War


The amount of screaming has increased 86%