Have you ever seen such beauty?

I don’t know. Don’t ask. It’s better that way.

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Its nice… So, when will it die?


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XD It’s as if you’re super mad at him.

I call this one “Existential Nightmare”

XD I was joking, nice screenshot, how did you do that?

Which one?

Both, if you dont mind

The first one is a result of shenanigans with debug mode. The second one is a glitch called the slope glitch where gravity doesn’t apply and Sonic can pass straight through slopes, enabling level wraps which is how I got him stuck in the snow.

I know yours are glitches but I can’t help but post rom corruptions too

@Arctiq He went too fast

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This is… Beautiful. It brought a tear to my eye.

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That’s actually kinda true. Screen/Level wraps make you go fast. You can actually beat a stage in 20 seconds doing that.

Video game programming trivia: Wraps occur when Sonic’s x/y value enters negative. The game is programmed to turn these negative values into a really large positive number. But screen wraps (Y values) only occur when a stage is too tall to fit, so they wrap infinitely. These levels include ice cap zone, marble garden zone, and sandopolis act 2.

(I know, I’m a big sonic fan. So shoot me)