Have the trophies be brought over with the transfer

Assuming the trophies from GMT won’t be able to be re-earned in TU, would it be a good idea for anybody with the GMT trophies to have them in TU as well? Just as a little veterans items.


well that’s kind of a gray area IMO, some trophies have “copy written content” and as such I doubt those ones would return, unless the triforce/star fox trophies are remade in some capacity

Trophies currently don’t exist in Tower Unite, and since it impossible to obtain most of them in Tower Unite, it’s unlikely they’ll make a return.

Wait, does this include the achievement trophies? Like the ones GMT had, like ‘Long walk through tower’ and ‘Geometrically Impossible’?

Will there be another Plate award after transferring our inventory to TU, like when everything was transferred at the start of Lobby 2?

Interesting question, you should ask that over in the questions part of the forum. Hit me up with a link to it when you do!