Have "Rotate Camera" and "Alt-Fire" as separate buttons

Items with an alt-fire won’t let you rotate the camera, since both are binded to RMB. Most of the time, the camera glitches when you rotate the camera and equip an Alt-Fire item.

This is intentional.

Yea, that’s the point of my suggestion…
I’m asking for them to separate them so I can rotate around while having certain items on my hand. It’s really annoying.

You can currently hold down Mouse 2 to rotate your camera in third-person


It would be nice to change Rotate Camera to a separate bind
and make it so that this bind also works in first-person.

I feel like the current rotate camera (in which your camera rotates to the direction you’re looking at after you release Mouse 2) would be nice for first-person view. It certainly might not fit for third-person, but it makes more sense for first-person.