Haunted rail ride like in gmt

I remember one of the halloween events was a rail ride

I love this idea, but I’d rather have them focus on building useful features like Condo Tools or make another map for other Gameworlds.

Even with some minigames applied to it, I can’t see it lasting longer than, say, a Minigolf map.



I meant for a special event for halloween unless that is going to be out by halloween

That ride is meant to be themed for certain holidays.


Will the shooting gallery ride look like the haunted house in GMT when it’s Halloween time?

even if they do that, it’s DEFINITELY not happening this year

we dont know yet because they said they are doing an halloween event this year

the normal ride itself is W.I.P. so it would be impossible to add another version of the ride with the amount of time they have.

Who says they need to finish the normal ride first? As long as they get the game’s systems figured out and implemented, it’s not impossible for them to push out a Halloween version. I would agree that, given the time they have, it’s certainly not something anyone should expect to be released. Possible? Yes. Probable? No.