Has anybody made use of sharing condo snapshots yet?

Thought about this from a discord conversation, but has anyone really made use of sharing condo snapshots yet considering it doesn’t load items you don’t already have? I think it’d be cool to see “editable” condos in the community showcase section (by sharing the snapshot) considering the owner wants that for their build but I haven’t seen anyone really mention it before, sorta surprised. Is this even possible?
To clarify: I’m talking about the condo data folder containing all the snapshots (in Steam\userdata\(id)\394690\remote\Condos)

Personally i just make a copy of the condo data file itself for whatever condo i wanna share the design of.

Also yes it is possible to take the snapshot file and move into your own condo save folder, the game should be able to read the file too unless it’s corrupted or has some sort of function where it also needs the condodata file from where the snapshot was made for it to work.

As for if anyone has shared their snapshots with others, i don’t know.