Hardmode for gamemodes

The idea is to add some kind of a hardmode to gamemodes, for example to ballrace and minigolf. So it works like this:

  1. Maps are the same, but now they’re harder;
  2. Payment is higher;
  3. Maybe some special trophies/awards/achievements for completing hardmode maps.
    I don’t really know how to make this idea work in gamemodes like virus or planet panic, but maybe some game mechanic tweaks like “higher X but lower Y” may solve the problem.
    That’s my first suggestion, what do you think?

Yeah, this’d be neat as a mutator. Maybe in the future we could get a difficult bit of content with higher reward.

The thing is: mutator is random, hardmode isn’t.

Then they’re not the same, now, are they? :wink:

But in all reality, I’d love an expert mode. I can already play nimbus with my eyes closed.

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So why aren’t you playing the other maps?

I wasn’t trying to say that I only play Nimbus :smile_cat: I love the heck outta Memories and Paradise too, but Nimbus certainly has become the de_dust2 of TU. Lots of people play it, so when I play with others we often play Nimbus.

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i wan’t hard mode for memories :neutral_face:

I think Midori is too easy hard mode please

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yep Midori too

How can the maps be the same but harder. Just stop talking

Hey, calm it down. He means no completely new maps, just the same maps modified to be more difficult.

Yep like with hard steering and more powerful bumpers and stuff

I need to hone my 1337 gamer skills :video_game:

but yeah it’s a good idea :+1:

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Add/remove a couple of walls/platforms for example. It may make a map way harder.

Hardmode for minigolf?! That sounds like a nightmare… you really want to ragequit, huh? :stuck_out_tongue: