Happy Post New Year!


We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!

Most of us are back from our vacations which means FULL STEAM AHEAD on new content for Tower Unite in 2018.

The team is currently hard at work on finishing the patch to fix those pesky regression bugs that were introduced during our upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.18.
We should have the patch ready within the next week.

Once the patch is released, the entire team is going to buckle down and start work on the next Game World for Tower Unite, Zombie Massacre. Zak will also be continuing development of Steam Workshop support in tandem with Zombie Massacre.

We are also going to reorganize our public Trello over the next couple days so that it better reflects our plans for 2018. We’ve started using a new system internally to help us keep organized and super focused. However we will continue to keep the public Trello in sync with internal development.

For a more detailed look at what we’re up to now, please read our previous Winter Developments announcement:

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