Happy New Year 2019!


maybe it’s not 2019 for you yet, but you know… timezones.


It’ll still take some time for the new year to roll around where I’m at, but congrats on making it into the future! Happy new year to you Lefty :heart:


you’re ten hours late for me.

haha, loser.


8 hours away from 2019 here
i am 1 year away from what you are experiencing, that means im a…


Still 4 and a half hours away for me.


its 2019 now for me and the world is ending
you guys in the past better prepare while you can
i cant believe the people in the future for me didn’t warn us


Is it me or the years keep being more shit.


It’s you. Nothing has been as bad as 2016 for a while.

May 2019 finally be that one year, the one we’ve been waiting for since 2016.


you heard it here first folks, nothing possibly was worse for you this year compared to 2016


it’s true though.


i would like to announce that i am no longer a time traveller
happy 2019!


Hapy 2019 guys, i hope this year will be even Better than last year!


Happy 2019 everyone!


The current year is… :
Two, Zero, One, Nine.