Happy Birthday Tower Unite!

I’m here to provide my annual birthday message. I’d like to thank the developers for three amazing years so far! It feels like just yesterday the game released and was buggy as all ever And missing the executable. I think it’s amazing how it took GMT 7+ years to get to the point to where it got. And now, it’s only taken three and a half-ish years for TU to exceed what I would think is twice as much features GMT had, in just three years! I mean, I’m excited for the 1.0 release when that time comes and how great the game will be compared to GMT. So again, thank you to all the developers who are currently actively working on the game, as well as the past contributors! -AmGona


so much done in only 3 years! well done developers!


Happy Birthday Tower Unite!!! I bought this game Day 1, didn’t even read any reviews. Still happy about my decision


I bought it day 1 as well, I played GMT.


i think i started playing gmt in december 2012 or january 2013, and i started playing tu in july or august of 2016,

happy 3rd birthday tu!


Happy (belated) birthday TU! And what a great year it’s been. With workshop, achievements, milestones, zombie massacre, lobby 3, and more, we’ve got a ton of fantastic updates with some really good ones on the way. Thanks for all the hard work Pixeltail! :smile:


To put into a little context how far it’s came;
There wasn’t any… Level Streaming, Casino, Trivia, Typing Derby, Key Bindings, Media Player Skipping, Anti-Macro, Condo Grid-snapping, Enraged Zombie, Condo Snapshots, Bowling, Condo Weather, Little Crusaders, Condo Lobby, Weapon Prediction, Laser Tag, Redeemable Items(Catsacks), Rollercoaster, Condo Tools, Condo Gizmo, Plaza Minigame Events, Zombie Massacre, Global Chat, Emotes, Workshop Support, RC Toys, Milestones/Achievements/Stats(Or any earnable item what-so-ever), Lobby 3.

I think there’s around 1000 new items too, hard to count exactly.
And since release(If I counted right), we’ve had 6 new Ball Race maps, 6 new Minigolf maps, 3 Virus maps, 3 Little Crusader maps, 3 Zombie Massacre Maps, and 8 new Condo maps.

Never mind the thousands of other smaller additions, changes and fixes, and whole backend things I didn’t include because I just skimmed over the Trello history. In 3 years the developers have done amazing, they deserve the biggest of pats on their backs!