Happy 3rd Birthday Tower Unite!

wow. it’s really been 3 years hasn’t it?. it feels like time is passing faster than we think. it’s been amazing 3 years since the launch.

i remember that day where i looked into steam and saw it, i thought it looked cool and bought it, now im here 2 years later, and i can’t stop playing it, after 1652 hours (right now) ive been having a wonderful time. ive given this game to 3 people because that’s the only way to ‘‘donate’’ right now, and i can’t recommend it enough, this game made me feel better back when i Had a bad time hehe and it has helped me relax and take life easy. Playing it everyday and meeting new people is always cool, i love condo hopping and seing what other people made, ive made multiple projects and condos, and gained a ton of friends from this game. Last year, i saw that the game had a ‘‘forum’’ and i just randomly created an account because why not, that day, i’ve almost never been a day without going on the forums, i may have been not that good at the start, but i’ve become better, and now tower unite is basically half of my life.

To all the devs out there, im talking macdguy, Caboose, Dominic, Mamijk, Krionikal, Joshua, Sketch, Johanna. It honestly blows my mind how much you put work and effort into this one game, and you, honestly need a break in my opinion.

Thank you everyone for making this community such a great place to be and stay.
Take Care


Happy birthday, TU! Honestly, wouldn’t had been the same person if I hadn’t bought this game in the first place about 3 years ago, got the game around Dec, 2016. Met so many cool new folks from Chimera to Taco Salad to Dr.Rabbit (everyone’s favorite senpai when it comes to learning about building). Time logged so far is 1163hrs and counting (just for bragging rights). The condo building and community is what usually keeps me coming back when the whole gaming industry decides to shit itself or when life is rough, I know I will always have Tower Unite on hand and ready to launch!

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