Hanging Canvas Flag

I want to be able to hang a flag on my walls similar to this:

Ideally canvas textured on both sides

Just use a canvas statue. The Z scale will determine the distance between the image and the base.

I don’t think you can hang canvas statues on walls, though

I don’t. I use the Z scale to take it form the floor to where I want. It leaves the base on the floor and moves the image upwards.

at that point you might as well just use a regular canvas with the cutout frame though


But the canvas statue allows you to do the transparent background PNG with a sprite sheet. So, you could even allow it to wave on the wall if you wanted to. Instead of hanging it, it’s just on the floor. You can also tuck the base into the floor to be invisible. Or, maybe, I don’t know what it is you’re asking for.

doesn’t a regular canvas with the cutout preset allow for spritesheets and transparency?
i think the only reason to use a canvas statue over a regular canvas is it’s ability to follow the camera


So, then, what is the advantage of the hanging canvas over the regular canvas? Maybe I don’t understand the original request

depth probably, a canvas and a statue canvas are still flat, i assume they want to hang it but have the depth of a real flag rather than a flat photo?

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I’m pretty sure that’s the intent, and I’d have to agree. Normal canvases on walls can do the job well enough, but it’d be nice to have a kind of draping alternative for that extra little bit of depth. You know, make it look a bit more convincing and natural.

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