Halloween Rhymes 2019

Happy Halloween!

I made a rhyme themed about Tower Unite Halloween 2019 that I hope you enjoy.


Welcome to Tower Unite, where the Halloween festivities has started.
There’s new spooky stuff. Beware, those who are faint hearted.

The lobby went through a spooky renovation.
Making the plaza a great undead vacation.

Halloween Characters like to make a visit surprise.
Stop by and greet them for a free Halloween prize.

Walk on the beach when the time is right,
You’ll find some cursed remains to your hearts delight.

In the center plaza, you’ll find a beelzebub’s cauldron, filled with green ooze.
Deposit some cursed remains and get some Halloween items that you can use.

You’ll also find Gourdon, a flying pumpkin, who gives you a quest.
Find the missing puppy in the middle of the maze, are you up for the test?

Complete his quest and Gourdon will sell you Halloween goods you can select.
Trade in Ghoul Coins you earn from games for wings, pets and particle effects

Can you survive Zombie Massacre’s new map, Village?
Bring some help or it won’t be a pretty image.

Skeletons, exploding pumpkins, and ghosts join the zombie horde.
Prepare yourself and pick up those guns and swords.


Very creative! Good job!