Halloween idea?

As you know Halloween falls on a Friday the 13th this year (also the first time in 666 years for this to happen, spoopy I know) so why not give an idea about two months in advance.

When Halloween rolls around it could be fun to go trick or treating in the main condo area. You go to the doors and ring the bell/knock and you can either get a treat, or a trick. The door opens and you are faced with what you get.

The treat would be either some units (max 2500) some random festive item, a food item like pizza or soda, or just some random things for your condo (all based on luck, more expensive items have a lower chance of being given out) there is also a chance to get rare items and accessories that can’t be bought in the stores(festive or not). And other nice things if you can think of any more.

The Trick, Two types
Type one: Nice-ish.
-Your screen could crawl with random bugs to obscure your vision.
-Players movement could be messed with, the keys you use to walk around could get switched about. ‘W’ now becomes ‘D’ and ‘A’ becomes ‘S’.
-Players movement speed could become either ridiculously fast, or stupidly slow.
-A spooky ghost could pop up at the door and go “BOO!” player gets nothing but a spook.
-A door could open up to a long hallway, entering that hallway will make your screen glitch out, at the end of the hallway it would spit you out at a random location in the plaza.

  • Most of the effects would only last one to two minutes allowing the player to enjoy them but not get sick of them.

Type two: Brutal.
-The player could loose up to 3,000 units (Rare 1 in 800 odds)
-The player could be sent back to the main menu, only its not the main menu. clicking on things will make the game “freeze” and “freak out” whispers can be heard as the screen blacks out. The whispers slowly get louder until Rob pops up going “BLAHGRALSUASKYUPOTUS!!!”(making random sounds in a loud manner) player is then put back in the station.

  • The player would be taken back to an abandoned Gmod tower lobby one map, while exploring they are getting stalked by some unknown creature. There are whispers and flickers of the screen, you can only see it out of the corner of your eye. you get out via finding the exit button somewhere on the map.
    -The player could be sucked into the open door and be taken to a dark version (you need a flash light to see) of Serashea Heart hospital, they are again stalked by an unknown creature.
    -Players can be taken to other maps like the post above ^^, they need there flashlight to make there way around to find there way out.
    -When a player is taken to a strange world they need to try and find the exit button, The maps should be in the dark and need the use of the flash light. Once a player has found an exit button (random location each time) they will be taken back to the plaza. weather an award is giving is up to the Super Amazing Devs.

You need a good mix of tricks and treat to make it more even. Once a door has been used you can’t use it again for an hour.
The Brutal tricks are a bit more harder to do, and some are a bit crazy I know. Let me know what ones you like and if you have any ideas of your own, post them bellow.


There would definitely need to be a way to opt out of the visual effects, jumpscares, and horror game-esque tricks, in the interest of people’s health (like actual health, not any sort of in-game health). Otherwise, sounds good.

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Well it wouldn’t be too scary, just something for comedic effect but enough to make you go “ah! haha!”. The spooky ghost could be a small cartoon white sheet with eyes, with a small “boo!” Rob would be a nice pop in (Like standing up from the bottom of the screen from a crouch position) Then he makes just a silly sound. I do get what you are saying. The Lovable devs could come up with something that would work.

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Hate to burst your bubble, but Halloween is on a Monday this year. Oh, and there’s no Friday the 13th in October this year either.

well I guess the casino update has the groundwork’s for making this possible so it would be awesome idea!

Also it’s literally impossible for Halloween to be on Friday the 13th, since, you know… It has to be on the 31st


I asked in a dev stream if they were going to do holiday events and the clearest thing we got was “Probably not this year”. That was months ago though.

I hope at the very least we get some decoration in the lobby. Changing the sky box and lighting to be purple or red or something would be neat. I hope we at least get some pumpkins laying around the plaza or a hat.

… Actually, why not? That sounds like a silly fun mechanic. “Must not run into another scare on plaza while in Halloween mode or my character dies…”

I know, it was a crappy joke just to make people go “oh weird… wait a minute”

Hes just saying that people need to be able not get a heart attack from playing the spooky game mode. I’m sure in game there could be a health thing added.

Halloween is my favorite holiday I would love something like this

Yeah, a special “scare meter” mechanic or something could be added for players who have the scares enabled, that sounds like it would be fun, adds some risk to the whole thing. Though, yes, I did mean physical health.

And I got that the first time, didn’t need the explanation from @Netflix_and_Chilli. Well, at least you understand my suggestion.

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