Halloween: Dramatic candy corn particle improvement

Candy corn particle? Hell yeah

Flat images popping in and out? S’alright. Kinda plain though, and the yellow and orange are out of order

I wasn’t gonna gripe, but I remembered there’s already an excellent candy corn asset in the game from the spooky gun effect:

It’s 3D, It tumbles. It’s great. Would it be possible to retrofit this instead?

ngl lie chief those videos aren’t working for me

They’re working for me.

it’s not his videos. your computer doesn’t want to get spooked so it won’t play it.

try your phone, maybe it’ll be braver.


The file extension is .WEBM, your device might not be able to play it. It’s a relatively new format known to have incompatibility problems with certain browsers and devices.

Try this MP4 conversion of it that I’ve re-hosted below:


i agree!! the spooky gun candy corn always enamored me

That’s a great idea!

I totally forgot about the 3D candy corn effects on the spooky gun, when it first came out I was super impressed. We need some more effects like that.

I wonder if there are any optimization issues with substituting the 3D candy corn, hopefully not!


All fixed up. Thanks for the suggestion.