Halloween 2015

Wow, a Halloween update that is actually on time!

What better way to celebrate the last year of GMod Tower than to celebrate its Halloween updates!

From October til November, come join us on our last Halloween on GMod Tower.

Missed out on a Halloween event? This one has it all.
From the fan-favorite [Mansion Ride][1] (2012), to the original candy bucket event (2011), and to the latest Halloween Ghost Hunt Shooter (2014) - this halloween sure is a treat!

This year, I’ve added a new Paranormal Detector item. You can use it to find The Creature and hidden candy buckets as part of new achievements to unlock!

Find secrets, grab candy, blast ghosts!

So, grab your lanterns (now no longer unique), spiders, and cauldrons while you can!

Please enjoy it as MacDGuy spent his free time to make it while also working on Tower Unite and it won’t happen again!
[1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jt0fyggbqFA

Here’s some quick in-game screenshots of the update…


Thank you based Mr.Mac

Videogame. Thanks.

Nice! Thanks for this

Thank you Mac :smile:. Looking forward to playing it as I missed last years.



Now that is neat! I think I should go check out GMTower again, didn’t play it in a while (I got kinda bored of it :V).

I honestly forgot Gmod Tower had updates. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it didn’t, until now.

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The camera says “Oct 31 1978” while in Lobby2.
So Lobby 2 has always been a thing, you just kept it secret!


Also how does one get the paranormal detector
Can’t really see anything that gets me to it.

It’s up for purchase as you exit the Transit Station. There’s a skeleton manning a stand there. I believe the detector costs 500 GMC.

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October 31st, 1978 was the night of the Halloween killings in the movie Halloween.


Guys, you remember the mystery board behind the theatre? (the streamer one)
It’s back.

How do you get the paranormal camera?(not the detector)

There is no camera.


Glad we get the chance to get these items again before they are gone forever!

Did the Halloween stuff disappear? I couldn’t find the skeleton merchant or the Halloween gamemode.