Hacked unranked lobbys!?

So I saw the latest stream. I heard that the way it will work is that in unranked servers you can gain money and spend it on items but you can only keep those items on that specific server. I heard that unranked will allow lots of customization… but what if there was a server that just gave people crap tons of money? What if the server found a way to force you to buy an expensive item that will eat all of your money? How will any of this be prevented?

Ayy if you could give infinite money in gtafive den you can give infinite money in tower unive.

The money isn’t transferable. I don’t even think money is an object on Unranked Servers (IE you have unlimited). Money you earn on one unranked server, will be different than another unranked server, and completely different than your money on ranked servers.


As @Caboose700 mentioned, it doesn’t transfer. Any progress you earn on ranked servers will only work on ranked servers.

As for unranked, anything goes on there, and you data on that server will be separate, likely saved onto the server itself.

Hopefully meaning that’s an option for Unranked servers, rather not no money period.


  • Steam Inventory support: Yes
  • Player data is stored: On Steam Inventory, available across all Ranked servers
  • VAC: Required
  • Items earned are tagged as: Genuine


  • You can mod it and add custom items
  • Steam Inventory support: No
  • Player data is stored: On unranked server’s file system, not available on other servers
  • VAC: Optional
  • Items earned are tagged as: Non-genuine

Both ranked and unranked will allow players to earn currency.

However, keep in mind this:

###Your Condo…

  • can have both ranked and unranked items. Players will know the difference based on the items’ genuine status.
  • is completely separate from ranked and unranked servers and will be part of your Steam account no matter what Lobby you join.

Probably not the best place to ask this, but right now I can’t be bothered to navigate on my phone to find the answer to my question (or put it into a new topic). I apologise.

How exactly would unranked condo items behave in ranked? From my understanding, unranked condo items can have custom properties (collision, texture, model etc) and can even be scripted to perform dynamic tasks (like, for example, spin around and move erratically). How would the condo in ranked servers handle custom unranked content (assuming custom condo items that advanced can be a thing)? In some cases the custom item might only be stored on the unranked server it belongs to. Would the ranked servers have to use saved data from the owner’s client, or replace it with a placeholder model?

Apologies if I’m being dumb and/or this has been answered already. In short, my question is ‘what are custom condo items capable of, and how will they behave in ranked?’. Thanks for answering.

There is a document detailing how this would work here.

I don’t think any of this has been confirmed, as the Modding Tools for Tower Unite are not yet available.