h3h3production fresh memes

Post everything h3h3 related here :wink:

UPDATE: He’s really packing that chub and tuck :sunglasses:

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Have the Tower Unite forums just GONE SEXUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL

New video by him :smile:

Yeah i know. i watched it only after 18mins of it being uploaded. Triggered!

We’re really puzzled

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I actually saw this video like 2 weeks ago on cringechannel

Guys… Patrice Wilson is at it again

Also Don’t judge me ok?


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Dedication right here. I’m a real fan

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You loyal.

Omg. I’m such a fan of h3h3 now. Thanks!
The “triggered” stuff made me laugh my ass off…

Happy to help :slight_smile:

https://plug.dj/watchyoutubevideos/ I watch h3h3 here, You should too bby’s

Guys h3h3 got some more fresh memes if you havent seen :smile:

I don’t feel safe here anymore :frowning:

Yeah Drachen i feel the same way. I’m 18 and i don’t think i can talk to people online anymore. Could be weirdos :frowning:

sarcasm For anyone that doesn’t know

h3h3 love <3

GUYS he has a new video i might be a bit late but i’ll post it here anyways :slight_smile:

Enjoys babes :heart: