H e l l o



I am Joe and I live in England, I’ve known about Tower since joining GMT in Dec 2012 and spent about 300~ hours on it before Lobby 2 came out to which I stopped playing due to my horrible PC at the time but now I have arrived at this new Tower.
Interests include music, film and computing.
If you must know anything else just ask.



H e l l o .
W e l c o m e
t o
t h e
f o r u m s .
E n j o y
y o u r
s t a y !


I’ve always wondered where you got that emoji from, as it looks similar to the built-in ones but isn’t there :thinking:


The raising hand emoji I use is the old version before the emojis were changed to what they are now. @AshGe managed to get a .jpg of it to preserve its figure, and I’ve been using it ever since.


Welcome back to the tower and forums 2Joe. :slight_smile:


Welcome back to the Tower! Enjoy your stay! :smiley_cat:


Welcome to the tower, buddy!


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