Guide - How to rebind jump to scroll wheel AND spacebar SIMULTANEOUSLY

This is mainly so you can bhop around legitimately AND still be able to use jetpack and normal jumping.


   * decent mouse (easier with a loose/free scroll wheel (i.e logitech g502))
   * close the game during this
   * Rebind "zoom in" and "zoom out" in game before starting


   1. Open your file explorer and navigate to the inputs config file. On windows this is found at: 
   2. Open the file in notepad or a similar program.
   3. Locate this line (without quotes) (in notepad++ just ctrl+f and search "jump"): 
   4. Duplicate this line in the file by copying it, pressing enter to create an empty line, and pasting it
   5. Now find and replace "SpaceBar" in ONLY ONE of the lines and replace it with either "MouseScrollDown" or "MouseScrollUp".
   6. Save the file and boot up the game.
   7. You should now be able to jump with both scroll wheel and spacebar.

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Thank you, I tried this a while back and couldn’t get it to work and I was been waiting patiently for when you will be able to do it in-game. Thanks again for this guide, I can hopefully start making a better bhop map now I can actually bhop :slight_smile:


THis man has threatened my LIFE if I don’t bump this thread

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Thanks for the guide!