GTA 5 Online Masks

I’d love it if we could use some of the most popular masks from GTA 5 Online in Tower Unite. If licensing/copyright is a problem then perhaps GTA 5 Online inspired masks? I watch VanossGaming (and friends) all the time and the little fanboy in me would love to be able to wear the masks that he and his crew wears, that being Lui Calibre’s Pogo (the monkey) Mask, H2O Delirious’ Hockey Mask, and VanossGaming’s Owl Mask. You could do VanossGaming’s new owl mask since he now uses an altered version. Not sure if you need to actually ask him but a bunch of other games already use it so if you do ask he’ll probablly say yes on the spot. There are a bunch of other really good masks too that you could use.

Masks straight from another game? Highly unlikely, and definitely not without explicit permission from the owners. Masks designed by PixelTail? I’d be down for that, we can always use more cosmetics.


how about no.

Def not GTAV or similar, but some sort of TU twist on masks I could def be open to.

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Maybe not for the official release, but this could happen with the workshop!



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The reason I even considered stuff strait from another game is because GMT had assloads of stuff from other games. If we can no longer have stuff from other games then that makes me wish Tower Unite was still GMT. But like I said in the post we could still use Vanoss’ mask, with easily obtained permission from him. His mask isn’t the same one from GTA, just similar.

Just for the record, since Tower Unite is now a game on its own and Pixeltail is a company, they can’t just add copyrighted stuff like in GMT without facing the consequences, so they probably won’t make an official model, but it might come out on community servers once the workshop support is ready

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yeah basically what @belgo said