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I have decided to write an introduction post after having an inactive account for so long. Firstly I just want to thank the developers for continuing to make such a great game, and I look forward to when the game is fully released and the lobbies are populated again.

So first, a little about myself. My name is Harald, and my birthday is on the 3rd of March. I’d like to say that my favourite food is cake and my favourite videogame definitely has to be portal 1 (and then tower unite, of course!). I normally don’t like to open up to people - it can often take up to 3 years to talk to someone on a mic because I am so anxious about meeting people - but from what I’ve read you guys seem to be very approachable. I am 20 and I still live with my parents, and I wash my body monthly. After 2 years of hard work, I have finally completed a python for beginners guidebook by reading and copying the projects. My dream job is to work at Valve. I am unemployed and therefore have lots of spare time, however I tend to spend my time lazing around on videogames.

Thank you for your time reading this, I will now watch My Little Pony.

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