Greetings, Fellow Mad Scientists, the Name's Martex.... Dr.Martex

Its a pleasure to be able to see this once-thought ill fated project grow into something of wonder, I am confident that Tower unite will be everything Gmod tower was to me and even more so, but enough about that, allow me to introduce myself…
My name is Dr.Martex, the most cunning Evil Genius on the internet, I first joined Gmod Tower in my youth, and found it a rather enticing and exiting experience, to me it was like a TF2 fun server in Gmod, however, a few major drawbacks to it was its load times despite the fact I had downloaded and pre-installed all of the content needed, hence why I did not become a regular, however, the Idea of an online utopia where anyone could do and create what they wanted to remained prevalent in my mind, fast forward a few years later, and I saw a video by a you tuber, explaining the Towers unite project, I didn’t have the money to back it, however, but I wished it the best of luck- You know what? screw it, lets skip the whole origin story and get down to the plesentries, shall we? YES! DO EEEEET! [It begins… End log]

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Welcome to the Tower.

We’ll be watching.

Welcome to the Pixeltail Community Forums!

Welcome to the forums @Dr.Martex. Pull up a chair by the camp fire and enjoy your stay :smiley:

Seeing as you’re a doctor, can I come to you to deal with my radiation sickness that I seem to get all the time from the wastelands and playing virus of course? :slight_smile:


I prescribe Rad-Away or Rad-X for Radiation related Illness, just raid a Vault-Tec vault and you should find a metric sh*t ton

Greetings Traveller

Greetings Martex!