Greetings, Comrades!

Hello there, my name is Vent Xekart. I’ve been following Tower Unite’s development on and off since I missed out on Gmod Tower and it was only two weeks ago I actually the bought the game, partly because it was on sale but partly because I was interested in providing content for the game on the Steam Workshop (In fact I recently posted some custom items up).

I graduated from my community college in 2020 with a AAS in Photography and Media though I’m hoping to finish up the last of the required classes for a CAD Certificate this fall before I finally head out to find a job.

Besides gaming, my other interests include video-editing, 3D modeling/animation, and Lego. I also have a Youtube Channel that mostly consists of “Youtube Poops” and/or animations I’ve made with Source Filmmaker, as well as a few past experiments with stop-motion animation, and some more semi-recent experimental animations I made in Blender.

I’ve been enjoying my time playing this game and the community has been really friendly with me so I’m looking forward to the future of this game and it’s community!


Welcome to the forums!

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Welcome aboard!

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