Grass growing in condos?

It would be a pretty funny feature if you guys added growing grass in condos…

You could buy a lawn and clip it at a perfect shape.

Just something i came up with :smiley: haha

That would just be a waste of time having to go buy lawn clippers just to get GRASS out of your condo.

You want the tower unite to be as realistic as possible? wy not add this just for a fun thing…

But why pay money to get something annoying out of your house?

They got plenty of money over… They could do something realistic with it

Like realistic animations

(So, I say 1 bad thing about this idea, then this happened.)
I never said ANYTHING about realistic things, did I?

We’ve had plans for a garden shop during Lobby 2. Frankly, we have a lot on our plate and this won’t happen until after early access, if we still like the idea.

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