[Graphics Settings] Grass Quality & Quantity settings for better performance

Grass Settings

I don't know if this idea of mine will work in unreal, but I feel as if maybe the devs could look into some better grass settings. Grass settings that consist of both Quality and Quantity that can help lower end systems or even current systems run the game at a smoother frame rate. I've thought about a couple of ways to do this, but would like to give some examples first.


Grass Quality

Pretty self explanatory but it would lower the quality of the grass like the Res or Sway of the grass.


–Epic-- No loss at all
–Very High-- Decreased Resolution
–High-- Decreased Resolution even more than Very High
–Normal-- Same as High but has Decreased Shadow Resolution
–low-- Grass is just a Single Color and has an even more Decreased Shadow Resolution
–Very Low-- Grass is just a Single Color and has No Shadow or Animation

Grass Quantity

Would control how much grass you see on your screen


–Epic-- No loss
–Very High-- Grass Amount Decreased
–High-- Grass Amount Decreased more
–Normal-- Grass Amount Decreased even more
–Low-- Grass Only shows up Around Objects like around a hole on Minigolf or around a rock
–None-- No grass

Final Verdict

Maybe these settings could be under a Grass subheading in graphics. Maybe these could even be separate from each other and have their own setting like Grass Res, Shadow, Amount, Animation, etc. IDK give me your thoughts about my Idea and if you have a better one post it below or link me to it. You can even add/change by replying what you would change or do different below.


Although there is no specific quality option for this as you suggested, there’s an option detail mode which basically manages the amount of detail (like Grass) that is displayed on screen. At least, that’s what I think it does. :sweat_smile:

Hope it helps!