Grand Quest Jackpot bug

For the Grand Quest slot machine at the casino, when I bet 5 credits, only 3 credits are added on the counter for the jackpot. When I bet 3 credits, only 2 credits are added onto the jackpot counter. Betting 1 credit will add 1 credit to the jackpot counter as it should.

This is not a bug. It is intentional.


Why was this changed?

It was changed like a month or longer ago. It’s to slow down the increase in jackpot sizes.

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So why have options to bet 5 credits or 3 credits if you are already losing 1-2 credits for the jackpot?

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You get more money from non-jackpot wins if you bet higher, and (IIRC) you can’t win the jackpot unless you bet 5 credits.
Also, you aren’t “losing 1-2 credits” since it’s gambling. You’re not guaranteed to get a jackpot in any case.

Well I was specifically talking about Grand Quest, as you can win jackpot betting 1, 3, or 5 credits. I don’t play the other slots as the odds of winning are slim

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