Got two Golden Catsacks from the same Treasure Hunting event!

This was the first time I got any Golden Catsacks from a Treasure Hunting event and I got two :slight_smile:

Shall I sell them or open them? They’re worth 20k a piece.


Open! do not sell! they are worth like 100k if you think about it.

I don’t think I’ll get anything better than stupid gold bars.

You can open one and sell the other one if that sounds better :thinking:

Oh yeah that definetly sounds better :joy::joy:

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they are actually worth 350k when you think about it

i think with all the quarters from all the treasure events, i can make 200 units
also, i got one, when i opened it i got a gem, and then i proceeded to get 3 more gems from metal detecting

I didn’t realize your units were in a different format and was like “Why the hell would you sell them, you’re set at 20 million.” Even 2mil is pretty set though, 20k is like one match of Zombie Massacre. I’d say open them.

edit: Units not Unites

The Cosmic Catsack Dream Boys

Just opened them :smiley:

As expected, got a gold bar and a flying turtle :frowning:

Flying turtle is best item in game. atleast i think :slight_smile:

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