Got my regular back c:

Finally got my regular back after being inactive for a few months.

Now I can drink my milk straight from the carton.

Wait… this isn’t milk.



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Well you see, if you look very closely…

That is what I consider cat urine.
Anyways, congrats on getting regular back!


Milk from the carton is fine, as long as you own that milk and you label it in the fridge. Also telling people you drink straight from the carton is a great way to lead others into not stealing your milk!!!

While I’m here, if you’re a regular and you keep stealing from the regular fridge, you owe me my lunch back you craptard.

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Congrats on getting your Regular rank back! :slight_smile:

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Welcome back!

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Welcome back!!

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Welcome back!!!

You did it!

Maybe I’ve just been lied to, but I’ve always heard that saliva breaks down the enzymes in the milk, causing it to rot much faster.

Congratulations on getting a title back. :grin:

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I know im a little bit late but Welcome back!

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