Got my new drawing tablet today

What do y’all think? My first ever original drawing.


that is incredible


Wow. Thanks, man. Really appreciate it. I, honestly, didn’t think it was all that good. Lol. So, to here it called “incredible” is really awesome.


Does he have a name yet?

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better than anything i could’ve drawn lol, looks good!


Nice! Keep at it! A friend gave me a hand-me-down tablet and I never really used it until I realized I could make all sorts of stuff for Tower with it. Cardboard cutouts of characters, signs, paintings, posters, textures etc.

Being able to put your own creations into a 3D environment on Tower is so easy and satisfying. The canvas system is the ultimate tool for instant gratification when it comes to applying and sharing your own assets.

What kind of tablet did you get and how are you liking it? Looks awesome! Mines an ancient Bamboo tablet lol.


Looks like one of the Huion Kamvas tablets (Pro 16 maybe? based off of hand size).

Anyways, I got the new Kamvas 13 on sale semi-recently, and it’s pretty good, so hopefully you’ll have a good time with yours as well. Definitely could use a larger screen myself, but dropping the extra $75 or so didn’t seem worth it at the time. plus only the 13 comes in purple

Still far from good at art myself, but getting a tablet (first a screenless one and now my current one) definitely increased the amount of drawing I did, since pulling a tablet across your desk when you’re already using your computer is a lot more accessible than pulling out some pen and paper, turning on lights, etc. Plus, if you’re feeling self-conscious about your art, your drawings are safely tucked away in your pc instead of being out and about IRL. Being able to do non-2d stuff like 3d sculpting (or certain rhythm games, if you’re so inclined) is also pretty neat.

Also, I’d definitely suggest experimenting with the angle of the tablet stand, since you have one. What angle you use is personal preference, of course (mine is set to the max 45 degrees), but I’ve found that having an angled drawing surface makes it a lot easier to draw with your shoulder instead of just your wrist, which helps a lot with line stability. Takes a bit of getting used to (and shoulder soreness, if you don’t exercise at all like me), but it definitely helps.


He does not.

Holy shit, I hadn’t thought of that. Lol. And it’s a Huion Kanvas Pro 16 and I really like it so far.

Good eye. It is, indeed, a Kamvas Pro 16.


Very nice! I have a Huion tablet too and it does me wonders. Good luck drawing with it!


Yeah, I’m quite liking it so far.