Goodbye GMod Tower [Group Photos]

Goodbye gmt transit station

Goodbye gmt plaza

Goodbye gamemodes [Outside]

Goodbye gamemodes [Inside]

Goodbye gmt minigolf

Goodbye source karts

Goodbye pvp battle

Goodbye gmt ball race

Goodbye ultimate chimera hunt

Goodbye gmt virus

Goodbye gmt zombie massacre

Goodbye gmt theatre

Goodbye gmt central circuit

Goodbye tower outfitters

Goodbye gmt toy shop

Goodbye gmt songbirds

Goodbye gmt sweet suite furniture store

Goodbye gmt ferris wheel

Goodbye pool slides

Goodbye condo lobby

Goodbye gmt condos

Goodbye gmt tower casino [Outside]

Goodbye gmt tower casino [Inside]

Goodbye gmt dueling arena

Goodbye gmt pulse nightclub

Goodbye gmod tower. Thank you for this great 8 year experience


But GMTower isn’t going away… it’s being reborn.


Thats a good way to see it, which I think most people are forgetting


Now do it again but captured with the camera item.

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thought the same, doesn’t the camera make the chat dissapear too? since it takes up quite a part of the screen, showing the countdown

It wont load it up for me, so i cant equip the camera

Nvm, it works now. I’ll do a final goodbye group photo [But this time, with more people] later before gmod tower shuts down

when? preferably in GMT time please

Hopefully on april 7th at 4:00PM or something

I heard somewhere that GMT would shut down April 1st, and TU Early Access would be realeased on April 8th…

RIP Girlgonewild’s missing texture

now she will have missing textures in the group pic

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I will start a final goodbye to gmod tower group photo on april 6th

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What is the exact date of the server shutdown? :confused:

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April 8th

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