Good luck with Tower Unite!

Hey guys, I’ve been on a long hiatus away from GMod Towers and only just found out about Tower Unite. I’m super happy to see you guys turn this project into a reality and I can’t wait to play some sexy looking minigolf!

Although I was too late to become a backer and help with alpha, watching your dev streams has inspired me to look into learning to create my own stuff in unity.

tl;dr just wanted to say thanks to the devs and you can count on my support if you need it :smile:


The game will be on Early Access around March. So you will be able to play sexy minigolf and loads more then :wink:

I’m not sure if you already know this, but the game is actually made in Unreal Engine 4 :slight_smile: .


April is the more likely date.

I meant to say Unreal Engine whoops!

I don’t know why I said Unity. Must have got confused with Tower Unite :open_mouth: