Good Instrumental Music Thread

For those of you who don’t know what instrumental music is, it’s a form of music that doesn’t have vocals and usually is in movies as their soundtracks. This is a place for people to recommend certain musics they like.

Here’s mine.

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One on my most favorite games, Undertale, has an amazing soundtrack. I found that someone posted it all on soundcloud ( )

Here is an example of a cool track that’s included:

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That counts! :slight_smile:

Two Steps From Hell - Flight Of The Silverbird
Aleksander Vinter - Home
Savant - Quest (For a more video game-y instrumental, inspired by zelda games)
EDIT: Savant - Aquarius

Good. someone who likes 2 steps. I commend you good sir.

Okay, I had not heard that Flight of the Silverbird one. EPIC, thanks for sharing!!

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Instrumentals/soundtracks are actually quite of a guilty pleasure of mine. I’ve got a good bit to share. Since I don’t want to spam, I’ll just use one per game, movie, or artist, but many of the aforementioned have multiple great works.

Instrumentals (as songs without their vocal elements):

Benzin by Rammstein

Counting Stars by OneRepublic

Intro by the xx (Unsure if this counts as an instrumental as there was no original vocals aside from the little bit present)

Soundtracks (as pieces created specifically without vocal elements):

U.S Army Rangers Victory Theme from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Dumbledore’s Farewell from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Bastila’s Theme from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Hope you gents enjoyed. I’ve got plenty of more where this came from.

Haha @Drachen, never would’ve guessed. I’m right there with you. Friends think I’m weird because of it, but who cares!

Yeah, people seem to thing music is exclusive to songs, but that’s quite inaccurate. It’s good to appreciate all that you can.

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I’ve always enjoyed the music to Cave Story. You can still play the original for free, or get it on Steam (it’s present elsewhere, as well). You can get the entire original soundtrack for free here.

Have a taste:

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I played the 3d one on the 3ds, I was sad the game wasn’t longer! Great soundtrack.

This track was why I started to get into the game. The soundtrack as a whole is awesome.

Touhou is a game series whereof I like the music more than the game itself, as I massively suck at it.
Here’s one of my favorites, from the 11th game:

Or have the entire ost instead:

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