Golden Catsack

Remember, Clicking the “VOTE” button increases chance of golden catsack getting into the game :wink:

So, golden catsack is the catsack, that can drop alot better loot :open_mouth:

Golden catsack is prize in Spin To Win that have chance of getting between 5 Catsacks and Pile of actual gold. You will allways get 10 Golden Catsacks

Item Description
It’s golden color is actually just “Golden” paint, but somehow loot is better.


  • Golden confetti gun - confetti gun that is golden as well as it’s confetti and has diffrent sound when shooting [40%]

  • 2 Golden Catsacks [40%]

  • Pile of actual gold (1-4) [65%]

  • Units [46%]
  • 10,000 [70%]
  • 50,000 [50%]
  • 100,000 [25%]
  • 1,000,000 [0,6%]
  • 5,000,001 [0,1%]

  • 20 Catsacks [50%]

  • Random item covered in gold - item that on that golden watch was used [25%]

  • Infinite pizza - pizza with golden box, that every eaten slice regenerates in 2 seconds [37%]

  • Golden apple (1-7) [69%]

  • flying potion - Potion that let’s you fly like in using noclip, but you can’t clip through walls, floors, items, etc [29%]

  • Golden Catpack [30%]

  • microwave decorated with gold and diamonds [60%]

  • Toaster decorated with gold and diamonds [60%]

  • Monitor decorated with gold and diamonds [55%]

  • Computer decorated with gold and diamonds [60%]

  • Diamond bowling ball [12%]

  • Billioner Mansion ticket - Let’s you enter the mansion of billioner mansion condo [5%]

  • Random Backer Item [-100%] (Cancelled, but left to be like a joke)


reply made for me to see the viewes on the Phone

I honestly can’t tell if you said this as a joke or not, but…

Having a lot of votes on an item doesn’t mean it’s more likely to be added in the game. It just shows how interested people are in a suggestion. A suggestion can have as few or as many votes as it wants, but it’s up to the devs if they want to have something put in the game.

With that out of the way…

This would just basically put the Golden Watch to shame, as well as the people who paid at least $60 USD to get the in-game item. Especially since the Golden Watch only affects the person using it, in their own Condo. (Unless they changed how it works)

Same thing goes for each and every Golden item you listed.

Hell the fuck no.
Backer items are exclusive to backers for a reason. Those items are rewards for people who pledged a certain amount during the campaign. This right here would just throw every single backer under the bus that pledged at least $15 (Tower Unite Trophy) to $60 (Golden Watch) and beyond.

I can’t say for anyone else who backed it, but I think this would just piss off a lot of backers, no matter how rare the chances are to get one of the backer items. I know I would be very pissed off if that happened.

I’m sorry, but this is just not a good idea.



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Don’t add this. Do you realize how many people you would tick off, including me since I was a GMT Donor and other backers? This should definitely not be added in the game because we paid with our money that we earned to get backer items and we definitely do not want people who didn’t pledge any money to get our items that we got.
Sorry, but no.

Dude. They are exclusive items for legacy donors / backers ONLY. We paid money for this and I, as of many others, would appreciate having our items that we paid for as backers to be wasted away in a catsack.


So i’ve looked at your opinion and changed some things.
About those golden microwaves,toasters etc, i didn’t mean things that golden watch was used, just things that were **decorated **.

About those things covered in gold, ar first look agian at the getting category, and also golden watch can make golden items very
quickly while we are getting 1 random…

About those Backer items, look agian at the chances of getting, and then chances of getting the Backer item
If game’s community were 10,000 players in Total, and if everyone opened one golden catsack, there would be a low chances for at
least 1 person getting Backer item.

Ok changed dat backer item to optional…

The golden watch was a backer item. I don’t think you should be able to get an item that looks like someone used a watch from a spray-painted cat.

No backer items should be unlocked from an in-game item. If you could get one from a catsack, what’s the point in spending money in the past just to get those items?


:I, ikr

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I know that.
I was talking about this:

You never said there wasn’t a chance, but you said it was a low one. I’d rather not have one.


As a backer, no.

I think i will redesign this.
But the concept will stay the same