Go buy yourself a real Obama cutout

Here you go: http://www.amazon.com/President-Barack-Obama-Advanced-Cardboard/dp/B0016NK4UQ

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I got sidetracked on that link and somehow navigated to a life sized bear cutout. Thanks for the link, anyways xD

… This can’t be a coincidence.

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Yeah, I posted this yesterday, dude :confused:

I’m not criticizing you, just make sure to search the forums from now on and make sure what you’re gonna post hasn’t already been posted before.

Oooh, this is awkward. Sorry guys. Didn’t know that this had been posted.

Should have checked, but nevermind. We all share a love for obama :laughing:

Ts’all good. :grin:

Man, it’s hard to think of a good place to place it at if you live in a lame 3 room flat.